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Management Team

Dr. Carlos Amezcua
Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo
President and Chairman

Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo

Inventor and author, Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo is President and Chairman at the International Centre for the Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science™.
Richard A. Patten
Former Director, BioConvergene Technologies™

Richard A. Patten

Richard A. Patten had a vast experience in the voluntary and private Sectors.
Federico Amezcua
Director, BioConvergene Technologies™

Federico Amezcua

Federico Amezcua commenced his professional career as an accomplished Mexican lawyer.

Dr Carlos Amezcua

Executive Summary

Dr Carlos Amezcua possesses several degrees and academic training from a variety of Universities including Harvard and the International University in Geneva. He commenced his training in Business Administration, Economy and Business, Economy and Energy Development, concluding his Doctorate degree in Gobernment and Public Administration.

He served as a highly productive and succesful member of the Chamber of Deputies of his birth State of Michoacan and within the Federal Secretary of Energy of the Mexican Government.

Dr Amezcua left the public service to swiftly assist the creation and expansion of a pharmaceutical hub in his hometown of Sahuayo in the Western State of Michoacan in Mexico in less than a decade.

Interested in expanding his entrepreneurial ventures into the Life Sciences and related industries as well as to achieve an international benchmark of his pharmaceutical company, Dr Carlos Amezcua co-founded BioConverGene Technologies™ with Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo serving as its Chief Financial Officer.