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BioConverGene Technologies Corporation™


Founded in 2011 as a result of the International Strategy of Alignment and Consortia for Innovation and Regional Growth (ACIR Canada)™ of the International Centre for The Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science (ICAHRIS / CIASIRS)™, BioConverGene Technologies Corporation™ is committed to:

  • Design, develop, manufacture and commercialize emerging biological reagents and services for Experimental Medicine and Clinical Research which encompass:
    • Innovative biological therapeutic and adjuvant products.
    • Integrative medical devices.
    • Reverse vaccine development and human cell-based immunopotentiators targeting infectious pathogenic agents cancerous and senescent cells.
    • Anti-toxins.
    • Bio-antioxidants and probiotics.
    • Modeling and grafting devices for adult stem cells.
  • Identifying, developing and commercializing proteomic and metabolomic signatures for the treatment and follow-up of obesity and hyper-obesity in children and adult populations.
  • Developing and processing of adult stem cells for the production of blood cells and factors for autologous blood transfusions.
  • Developing and commercializing high quality follow-on biologics / subsequent entry biologics and generic pharmaceuticals.