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Arianne: A Remarkable Health Journey

Recommended by current end-users of our integrated preventative health services, Ms Araní Márquez Montufar brings her daughter, Arianne, to address some of her unsettled reported symptoms related to inflammatory bowel disease and Tourette's syndrome after having been previously treated for Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate (Anti-NMDA) receptor encephalitis, an acute autoimmune neurological disorder.

Based upon our current knowledge of the direct role of the gut microbiome in the maturation and functioning of the digestive tract and the biosynthesis of host serotonin, as well as the tic-reducing effect of specific music, reading and playing in patients with Tourette's syndrome, an integrated programme was crafted for Arianne as an effective adjuvant therapy to mitigate her symptoms and significantly increase her quality of life.

Arianne Márquez Montufar Open Quotes - Classy

"Arianne, our beloved daughter, has had a long and complicated health journey, but thanks to the help, kindness and love of their profession, many doctors have helped her lots on her recovery and wellbeing.

Dr Pulido has been a light, a learning experience and a great help with Arianne's cognitive and overall health.

We will be able to apply his techniques and advice for Arianne to bring a more peaceful, stable and even more improved quality of life. We are forever grateful."

Araní Márquez Montufar, May 2018

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