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iBioSign™'s Maternal Health Intercultural Centre (MHIC)™

nëliDERM™ the promise of a healthy and young skin

The Maternal Health Intercultural Center™ is pleased to put at your fingertips our successful and effective development:

iBioSign™'s nëliDERM3™

nëliDERM3™ A Distinctive Skin Rejuvenation and Rebuilding System

Through a simple topical application, nëliDERM3™ is a unique and advanced skin health care system for your entire face, including around your eyes and neck, as well as for your entire body.

Following the professional application of nëliDERM3™ Skin Care System, expected long-lasting benefits include:

  • Healthier, younger looking skin;
  • Effective skin renewal, providing greater skin elasticity and texture;
  • Remarkable decrease in the appearance of aging due to a decrease in the presence of skin irregularities such as blemishes and wrinkles;
  • Long-lasting, effective hydration of your skin.

nëliDERM3™ System is not just another beautifying dermal cream but rather an essential ingredient for taking care of your health.

iBioSign™'s nëliDERM3™

Based upon key mechanisms involved in the repair and renewal of the skin during the healthy acute wound healing process, as well as selective components of normal cell signalling[1,2], we formulated a new skin product, nëliDERM3™, to facilitate skin rejuvenation and rebuilding.

Functioning as one of the most effective and dynamic barriers, our skin is under constant abrasion and continuous rebuilding. Skin epithelial cells are constantly being replaced in response to daily exposure to a variety of external and internal factors influencing their viability and plasticity.

Representing an immediate and most effective shield against threatening pathogens and chemical exposure, the sustained rejuvenation and rebuilding of the skin plays a key factor in preventing disruption of its integrity, dryness and, eventually, superficial wounds that facilitate the entry of unwanted external substances and microbes.

It is for this reason that iBioSign's Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ is pleased to provide our members with nëliDERM3™, a comprehensive skin care system which will enable them to better take care of their skin.

Understanding the importance of your overall health as a prime factor impacting your skin care, we have integrated the personalised application of our unique nëliDERM3™ System with our Preventative Health Guidance and Assistance Programmes through our Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC).

Using our nëliDERM3™ System, your skin will not only look truly radiant, it will be hydrated, mattified without loss of its natural moisture and will regain its suppleness and youthfulness.

The use of nëliDERM3™ System will also provide your skin with a gradual recovery of optimal tonicity and elasticity, giving it a more uniform colour and texture while reducing the appearance of wrinkles without the need for any other product.

iBioSign's nëliDERM3™ System is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, naturally reducing age-related skin spots whereby wrinkles become less pronounced and their presence is lessened. nëliDERM3™ is not tested on animals.

nëliDERM3™ System is made in Canada using safe and high-quality ingredients and can be applied to all types of otherwise healthy skin.


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In addition to access to nëliDERM3™ Skin Care System, enrolment to iBioSign's Maternal Health Intercultural Centre (MHIC) also includes:

iBioSign™'s Maternal Health Intercultural Centre (MHIC)™

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1. Pulido-Cejudo, G. et al (1995) Effect of Retinoic Acid on Nm/23 nucleoside diphosphate kinase and components of cyclic adenosine monophosphate-dependent signalling in human neuroblastoma cell lines, Biochimica and Biophysica Acta 1266, 201-206.

2. Martin, P. and Nunan, R. (2015) Cellular and molecular mechanisms of repair in acute and chronic wound healing, British Journal of Dermatology 173, 370-378 DOI 10.1111/bjd.13954.

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