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Medal Águila Guerrera

Medal "Águila Guerrera"

Professional Merit Award: Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo, 2018

The recent invitation to participate as keynote speaker to the First National Colloquium of Colleges of Biologists of México provided a singular opportunity to underline the uniqueness and unparalleled relevance of our Maternal Microbiome. It equally provided the perfect forum to share our most recent advances and innovations related to potentially generational imprints such as our individual DNA changes primarily induced through methylation of the Cytosine base collectively defined as our Methylome.

The presence of leading Biologists, in such diverse and pressing fields encompassing Climate Change, Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Human and Environmental Health, provided us with an unparalleled opportunity to highlight the fundamental role of the Maternal Microbiome, Disbiosis and Maternal and Individual Methylomes in women's health as one of the most pressing initiatives to secure human health at large.

More than ever before, it has become clear that plasticity and generational imprints affecting humanity depend upon:

  • The quality of the uterus environment and epigenetics leading to molecular memory of in utero experience reflected through neonate methylomes.
  • The transfer of 37 mitochondrial genes which are highly dynamic and critical for the overall optimal functionality of all cells and, hence, individual variability and evolution.
  • The transfer of healthy vaginal microbiome to newborn babies through vaginal delivery.
  • The exquisite, diverse and generational passage of the intestinal maternal microbiome into newborn babies through lactation.

The sum of all of which sternly advocates with sheer scientific conviction that we must secure the health of women globally as one of the central pillars of sustainable health and, hence, of humanity.

The "Águila Guerrera" medal and professional merit award represents an unforgettable recognition that scientific innovation and entrepreneurship constitute vibrant and enabling scientific activities leading to hope and prosperity vis-à-vis the multiple current and emerging challenges affecting humans, all living organisms and our environment.

It is with genuine humility and gratefulness that I would like to thank al Colegio de Biólogos de México A.C. within the national framework of the First Colloquium of Colleges of Biologists of México, its President, MSc Jorge Escobar, his assistant, Biol. Nelly Peña de la Cruz, all members of the evaluating panel, the President of the Colegio de Biólogos de Zacatecas, Biol. Mayra Paulina Martínez Godoy, distinguished members of the Mexican Senate, Mexican Parliamentary Assistants, the General Director of the Council of Science and Technology of the State of Zacatecas, the Undersecretary of Environment of the State of Zacatecas, distinguished members of the Academia and special guests from Federal and Provincial governments and institutions.

In closing, I would like to express my utmost gratitude toward my scientific collaborator and wife, Keri Pulido, for her ceaseless and unwavering presence and support to me, our children and our family.

Medal Águila Guerrera

Medal Águila Guerrera

"Healthy Wombs Healthy Babies

Healthy mental development commences in the maternal uterus (womb) where paternal and maternal genetic imprints are modulated and influenced by the quality of the uterus environment and epigenetics leading to molecular memory of in uterus experience reflected through neonate Methylomes**."

Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo 2017

**Epigenetics: DNA Methylation Signatures.

Medal Águila Guerrera