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ICAHRIS™ has developed this Privacy Statement out of respect for the privacy of visitors to our web sites. Through this web site, ICAHRIS™ will collect information that can identify you and / or your activity. We will use your information to respond to requests you may make of us, and, from time to time, we may refer to this information for other purposes. For more details about ICAHRIS™'s stance on privacy, please refer to our full Privacy Policy.

  • Information that we collect

    Whenever you visit our web site, we will collect some information from you automatically and some voluntarily.

    We will collect the following information automatically:

    • IP Address
    • The date and time of your visit

    We will collect the following information voluntarily:

    • Your name
    • Your contact information
    • Your business or academic affiliations
    • Your signature
  • Uses of the information that we collect

    We collect information about our web site visitors for a number of reasons, including:

    • To improve the web site experience for all visitors
    • To understand the demographics of our web site visitors
    • To facilitate the processing of orders placed via the web site
  • How we protect the information that we collect

    The protection of the information that we collect from our site visitors is of the utmost importance to us, and we take every reasonable measure to ensure that protection, including:

    • We keep automatically collected data and voluntarily collected data separate at all times
    • We use internal encryption on all data stores that house voluntarily captured data
  • Use of cookies and other tracking technologies

    Cookies are small files that a web site may transfer to a user's computer and that reside there for either the duration of the browsing session (session cookies) or on a permanent (until deleted) basis (persistent cookies). Cookies may be used to identify a user, a user's machine or a user's behaviour. We make use of cookies under the following circumstances and for the following reasons:

    • Keep track of items in user shopping carts
  • Third-party disclosure of the information that we collect

    We do not sell or otherwise trade the personal information that we collect from our site visitors at any point or under any circumstance. We do, on occasion, share collected personal information with business partners in order to provide services or with government and other agencies where required by law. When we share collected personal information, we ensure that the third parties with whom we share personal information have policies and controls in place that are at least as stringent as our own.

  • Terms and Conditions (including Consent)

    This on-line policy applies only to information collected via this on-line presence and specifically only to information collected from web pages which include a hyperlink to this Privacy Statement. To review our more comprehensive Privacy Policy, which addresses information collected in all forms and via all media, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer, Peter Humphries, CIO, via email or using the contact form, below.

    By using this web site, you consent to all Terms and Conditions expressed in this Privacy Statement and in the underlying Privacy Policy. Should you choose to rescind that consent, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

  • Changes

    From time to time, ICAHRIS™ may modify and / or update this Privacy Statement. We encourage you to check back on a regular basis in order to determine if any changes have been made.