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iBioSign™'s My Health Inventory (MHI)™

Take charge of your health

In these challenging times, with the global pandemic pressuring healthcare systems around the world, personal health autonomy and self-reliance have become imperative. Have you ever taken the time to collect, organize and assess all your health information? There couldn't be a better time for you to take charge of your health.

My Health Inventory

COVID-19 has inflicted significant damage and long-lasting health consequences for many of the victims who survived it.

We know that members of certain segments of the population are more at risk of complications if they are to contract it.

Moreover, the continuous mobilization of hospitals to address the needs of COVID-19 patients has reduced access to routine health care practices for people who are suffering from chronic and other health conditions.

Having all your past and current medical data at hand, and in order, allows you to know where you stand and to act quickly, if needed.

My Health Inventory (MHI)™ safely keeps all your health data for quick access in critical times

In this period of high uncertainty, My Health Inventory (MHI)™ allows you to take control and perform your own comprehensive health inventory. MHI™ relies upon a robust and highly secure digital platform, Health Profile Navigator™ - brought to you by iBioSign™.

Simply log onto the platform with your unique security key and start inputting all your information: height, weight, past and current medications, illnesses and conditions, vaccine history, test results, imaging studies and more. You can even enter your daily metrics such as blood pressure and glucose levels for ongoing monitoring.

If you or a family member were rushed to the hospital due to illness or injury, how could you ensure to receive timely and proper care? To help contain the coronavirus, many hospitals have imposed restrictions or even prohibited bedside visits from immediate family members. To help busy doctors and overwhelmed nurses to do their work, you could give them the key to your loved one's My Health Inventory (MHI)™, remotely.

My Health Inventory (MHI)™ offers unique insights to improve your health

"Hospitalized patients who own their health inventory can share it readily with their health care professionals and reduce the burden on their family members," says Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo, the inventor and co-developer of My Health Inventory (MHI)™ and its technological platform, Health Profile Navigator™. "Moreover, the platform can (optionally) provide the latest research studies that relate to your unique health conditions. In this way, we are truly promoting preventative health, and you can act on it."

A visionary scientist and inventor, Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo has made significant contributions to experimental and clinical research within the fields of early prevention and detection of chronic and infectious diseases. Some of these include cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes and infectious ailments such as HIV. His work has led to many scientific contributions and granted patents.

Order your key to My Health Inventory (MHI)™ and start building your inventory today!

My Health Inventory (MHI)™ is a powerful, interactive tool to securely register all your health information, share it with your health care providers and educate yourself to improve your own health.

Document everything about your health in an easily accessible, central location:

  • Enter and update your body metrics such as weight, blood pressure and glucose levels for ongoing monitoring.
  • Synchronize metrics from your individual monitoring devices such as those used to measure your pulse, blood pressure, physical activity, glucose levels and others.
  • Safely keep your past and present health records: vaccine history, clinical procedures, laboratory exams and test results, X-ray and other imaging study uploads, past and ongoing treatments, surgeries and more.
  • Record your entire health history: allergies, chronic diseases, pathogen-related illnesses, metabolomic and inherited disorders, accidents, injuries and more.
  • Keep track of all the medications you have taken, including dosage, as well as other remedies, supplements, natural products and related non-traditional compounds you have consumed.
  • All this will help assess, in a detailed way, all the factors that may be involved in alterations to your current and future health.

My Health Inventory

Be prepared in case of emergency:

  • Store a copy of your COVID-19 assessments that may be required for travel during the pandemic.
  • Have your entire health inventory at the tip of your fingers to share relevant information with your health professional in critical times.
  • Share your personal security key with a trusted family member who can speak on your behalf if you find yourself unconscious or severely ill.
  • Your comprehensive health profile can help accelerate receiving accurate diagnoses and the best therapies and treatments available.* Help your doctor focus on solutions rather than on investigation in pursuit of reconstructing your health history!
My Health Inventory

Import, own and share your data:

  • Access your health data online, any time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Quickly import documents from health service providers and institutions where you have been treated in various formats, such as clinical reports of ultrasounds, X-ray scans and other imaging results.
  • Provide health care professionals a robust frame of reference to carry out complementary studies, to maintain and enhance your health and to effectively address emergencies.
  • Own your data. This is your information, and no one else can access it without your key and permission.

Rest assured your data is safe and confidential:

  • You are always in control of your information.
  • MHI's Health Profile Navigator™ uses security protocols that exceed Canadian online banking standards.
  • Our platform's security was designed by the leader of Canada Health Infoway's IT Privacy and Security Services Standards Collaborative Working Group.
  • MHI's Health Profile Navigator™ meets and exceeds privacy laws across North America and Europe.
  • Make sure you safe-keep your personal security key! No one has access to your data, and we cannot retrieve it on your behalf if you lose your key.

Start building your health inventory today!

Convinced of the importance of providing to you the opportunity to build, protect and be able to access your Health Inventory globally and at all times, we invite you to take the first step by accessing My Health Inventory (MHI) today!

  • Order your individual access or a family package, below.
  • Follow the instructions and start inputting your information.
  • You will be enrolled for one year of unlimited access to your Health Profile Navigator™ and automatic yearly renewals to ensure you are always protected.

Take care of your health now!

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