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iBioSign Health Integrated Systems Corporation™


Founded in 2013 as a result of the International Strategy of Alignment and Consortia for Innovation and Regional Growth (ACIR Canada)™ of the International Centre for The Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science (ICAHRIS / CIASIRS)™, iBioSign™ is a Research and Development Corporation committed to:

  • Design, develop, manufacture and commercialize seamless integrating systems for the implementation of Total Quality Design and Management in accordance to international norms and regulatory standards affecting the Life Sciences and Light Industries.
  • Design and deploy advanced state-of-the art platforms to gather, access, manage, control and update individual medical profile and records to improve accuracy, intuitive workflow processing, primary health care, wellness and integrative medicine.
  • Design and deploy single-point data entry platforms for the simultaneous submission of innovative and generic therapeutics / biological compounds, medical devices and services for regulatory compliance and approval.
  • Deploy interactive 3-4 D platforms to enhance public understanding, data mining and research of emerging technologies within the Life Sciences and Light Industries.