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Health Profile Navigator™

The iBioSign™ Health Profile Navigator™ collects and organizes comprehensive personal health information for individuals and families.

The Health Profile Navigator™ is an interactive tool that enables end users to:
  • Enter your personal and clinical profile to rapidly and securely access detailed information relevant to your health status, any time, anywhere in the world, either for personal reasons or in the case of an emergency.
  • Gather and access an up-to-date, comprehensive set of quantitative parameters, such as body metrics, blood pressure, glucose levels, clinical analysis and diverse preventative health studies, as well as important correlations that accurately reflect your current health status.
  • Keep, in a central, fast, secure and intuitive interactive application, current and past comprehensive health records and the results of routine or specialized clinical exams and tests such as COVID-19 assessments.
  • Keep and securely access valuable health-related history, including allergies, vaccines, chronic and pathogen-related diseases, metabolomic and inherited disorders and others.
  • Safely enter and access past and current clinical procedures, accidents that have affected your health status, ongoing and previously received treatments and related measures that have been taken in order to provide a clear idea of your global health status in case of emergency and, thus, accelerate the use of the best available alternatives to attend them successfully.
  • Enter the past and current medications that you have taken, as well as remedies, supplements, natural products and related non-traditional compounds that you have consumed, in order to assess, in a detailed way, all the factors that may be involved in alterations to your current and future health status.
  • Adapt and synchronize all information related to your health obtained through individual and portable monitoring devices such as those used to measure your pulse, blood pressure, level of physical activity, glucose levels and others within a single, central health platform in order to be able to assess their impact as a whole and not individually.
  • Quickly import relevant information displayed in various formats within institutions and health service providers in which you have been treated in order to have a robust frame of reference for your health inventory and, thus, be able to carry out complementary studies in a concise and expeditious manner to maintain and enhance your health or to effectively address emergencies.

By subscribing to the Health Profile Navigator™, end users and their families benefit from:
  • Securely gathering and accessing a comprehensive record of past and current health status, medical history including treatments, procedures, medications, laboratory and specialized clinical exams of either individual end users or of all family members at any time, anywhere in the world.
  • Accessing easy to read monthly reports and specialized publications on the most recent medical advances impacting their health and that of their family.
  • Accessing selective information relevant to their health status and / or of any member of their family.
  • Obtaining dependable, up-to-date and valuable information of new advances on Clinical and Experimental Medicine on pressing health matters in accordance to the health status of end-users.

Health Profile Navigator™

Health Profile Navigator™ Subscriptions

The Health Profile Navigator™ is available on line in a secure, portable format.

iBioSign™ is excited to open to the general public subscription to the Health Profile Navigator™. Interested? Subscribe here.

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