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The Corner of the Experimental Scientist™


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As part of our objectives at ICAHRIS of sharing and promoting access to technological innovation and to early stages of scientific discoveries, The Corner of the Experimental Scientist is an initiative to inspire the new generations to become pioneers, discoverers and creators of promising emerging technologies.

Every now and then, we as parents tend to wonder and genuinely ask our teenage children about their aspirations and preferences concerning the future. Apart from enjoying the summer holidays and warm weather, this time available provides a unique opportunity to explore new and exciting opportunities through summer camp activities.

Reflecting on my own lengthy career as a research scientist and mentor to so many graduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral students in the field of experimental medicine, I have often shared a story regarding my own choices as a child and as a teenager:

Growing up, there were no summer camps, but I had unique opportunities to explore and to discover. I still remember as a child discretely opening the glass door that my father had had installed to separate our house from his first clinic, next door. The instruments, glass cupboards, the medical / surgical bed, flasks, test tubes, racks, autoclaves and sterilizing containers, among several other fancy medical tools, made me wonder what I could do if I could put my hands on that entire magical menagerie.

I never thought twice - by the age of 15, when Dad had established his first standalone clinic, I had transformed the spare wash up area into my first analytical lab, with benches and Bunsen burners and air and gas outlets that I had managed to install by myself. I don't know how Dad never realised that my expeditions during summer mornings to his clinic had provided me with the unique opportunity to literally build my first lab, my own experimental sciences corner. Afraid to show him the transformation of the spare room, I asked him to come to see my own experimental "corner" that I had built.

This summer, I invite you to provide your 8 to 16 years old children with a unique, two-week summer camp opportunity to be part of their first hands-on "scientific team" at the "THE CORNER OF THE EXPERIMENTAL SCIENTIST."

We can assure you that they will learn and experience, first hand, how to spark their imaginations, make their own first discoveries and how to share them.

When:  August 7-11 and 14-18
Where:  ICAHRIS, 5380 Canotek, Units 1 & 3
Time:  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Kids 8 - 12 years old)
  2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (Kids 13 - 16 years old)
Cost:  $300.00 per child + HST
*10% discount per siblings enrolled
Our summer camp is fully bilingual, offering a programme in English and French.

The Corner of the Experimental Scientist is not just another summer camp: it is an opportunity to find yourself as a true scientist. Register today!

Number of children enrolled

*If you prefer to use an Internet email money transfer, you can send an Interact™ transfer directly to registration@icahris.org.

For more information, contact us using the Contact Form, below. You can also email us at monica.muraira@icahris.org.

The Corner of the Experimental Scientist™

The Corner of the Experimental Scientist™ - Buy Now!


Monday: Discovering the basic tools and instruments used by the scientist: Pipettes, Flasks, Tubes, Well-Plates, Centrifuges, Microscopes, Fluorometer, Near Infrared Spectrometer and others.

Tuesday: Preparing my laboratory and my own research: What I need to make my own discoveries.

Wednesday: Planning my experiments: How discoveries come to me.

Thursday: Performing my experiments: Was I right or wrong? What needs to be changed?

Friday: Sharing my discoveries: Look what I just found! Sharing my excitement.

Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo