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Carlos Enderle Peña - Mexica Film Awards Recepient 2023

  Press Release Date:
Ottawa, Canada

In the frame of activities of international relevance, we are particularly pleased to recognise and share the recent success achieved by one of the distinguished members of our International Advisory Board. Last October, filmmaker and producer Carlos Enderle Peña was celebrated by the Mexica Film Awards, an international organisation dedicated to recognising the best of Ibero-American independent cinema. The award was conferred under the rubric of "Best Original Work" for his feature film, Minezota (2018). The recognition granted also confers a unique scope of affirmation for one of the marginalised areas of Mexico City: the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, which houses a disadvantaged working population with various aspects of mental and integrative health. With the growing recognition of the film, Minezota, in Spanish-speaking countries, ICAHRIS Research seeks to achieve its projection within international movie theatres, public platforms and related venues.

Mexica Film Awards




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