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International Centre for the Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science (ICAHRIS)™

International Programme of Alignment and Consortia for Innovation and Regional Growth (ACIR)™


Powering functional innovation in Canada is not a luxury; it is an urgent prerequisite to securing our technological independence and capacity, economic diversity and strength. Since its inception and as a result of several Trade Missions, the International Centre for Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science (ICAHRIS)™ has been involved in harnessing regional innovation and competitiveness by enabling the creation of regional start-up and spin-off enterprises whilst fostering collaborative undertakings with well-established local small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

It has been firmly established and documented that Micro- and Small-to-Medium Size Enterprises (MSMEs) constitute the core of functional innovation and promote the employability of highly trained professionals within the Life Sciences and related Light Industry Sectors¹.

Nonetheless, the long term growth, expansion and sustainability of MSMEs require robust, complementary functional technology and operation capabilities shared amongst compatible MSMEs, as well as critical interdependent supporting vectors. Such supporting vectors can be rendered quantifiable, taking into account regional priorities, capacity, expertise and infrastructure amongst several other aligning variables in favour of regional innovation.

Almost a decade ago, ICAHRIS™ developed and successfully deployed an International Programme of Alignment and Consortia for Innovation and Regional Growth (ACIR)™ aimed at identifying global regions with compatible supporting vectors that favoured MSME-driven innovation, regional growth and employability.


Some of the most recent success stories using this approach encompass the alignment of:

  • The New York Center for Nanomedicine Research, located within the region of the Greater New York Bioscience Cluster
  • BioConverGene Technologies, focusing within the Province of Ontario, Canada, and the State of Jalisco and Morelos, Mexico
  • iBioSign Health Integrated Systems, with current regional interests in Ontario, Canada's First Nations, Mexico City, San Luis Potosí and with the Institute of the Mexicans Abroad (IME)

During the last quarter of 2015, ICAHRIS™ has eagerly commenced the alignment of singular corporations within the Galil region, equally exploring the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).


Past success stories of other aligned MSMEs that continue to experience positive growth encompass ICT Internacional and Dixpertia. In addition, successful Corporations also involve the creation of The Canadian Federation of Breast Diseases and its incorporation as honorary member in 2009 to the Senologic International Society (SIS). This transdisciplinary medical Society is at the juncture of scientific strictness, clinical research and humanism for the care of breast diseases. First established within the region of Strasbourg by Dr Charles Marie Gros in 1963, SIS has a robust network of experimental medicine and clinical research in several regions worldwide.

Apart from its International Programme of Alignment and Consortia for Innovation and Regional Growth (ACIR)™, ICAHRIS™ has also been involved in global initiatives concerning regional innovation, biosafety and biosecurity within major events such as the G8 Summit (Evian), Colloques de la fondation pour l'innovation politique and, most recently, within the 2009 NAFTA Summit.

ICAHRIS™ continues to be engaged in expanding its current regional global network of innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities through its International Programme of Alignment and Consortia for Innovation and Regional Growth (ACIR)™.

Robust Functional Innovation

During its very early distinct operational phases after the inception of ICAHRIS™, the working concept of Regional Needs-Driven Corporate and Institutional Innovation lead to the support and eventual creation of centres such as The National Institute of Medical Genomics in Mexico City. Using this approach, the remarkable modernization of the Nantong Tumour Hospital was equally successful. In collaboration with MIDAS-Manchester's Inward Investment Agency, the Manchester Incubation Building became one of the most attractive Incubators to foster a culture of entrepreneurial scientists. ICAHRIS™ also made relevant advances within Saint Petersburg, as well as within Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) in South Korea. ICAHRIS™ remains encouraged and hopeful to continue to create promising collaborative undertakings that will lead to the creation of for-profit Corporations within these regions in the foreseeable future.

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¹ The Economist, Intelligence Unit (2015) Innovation in life sciences: An emerging markets perspective; Reeg,C.(2015) Micro and Small Enterprises as Drivers for Job Creation and Decent Work. German Development Institute ISBN 978-3-88985-676-0]

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ICAHRIS has positioned itself as a world leading institution focused on preventive health through access to products and services available to men, women and their children as active members of the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre.