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International Centre for the Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science (ICAHRIS)™

Founded in 2004 as a prime outcome of Team Canada Trade Missions, the International Centre for the Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science (ICAHRIS)™ is committed to:

  • Harness Regional Innovation within the Life Sciences and related Industries, fostering the use of emerging technologies to promote advanced health sentinel services and programmes whilst providing training and support to recent graduates and professionals interested in becoming entrepreneurs within these fields of interest.
  • Foster the design and development of interactive tools and non-invasive diagnostic devices including highly sensitive microwave and nanorobotic sentinel technologies aimed at promoting primary disease prevention as well as biotherapeutic compounds primarily aimed at addressing Women's and Maternal Infant Health, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Inflammation and Wound Healing, Stem Cell and Neuronal Homeostasis.
  • Accelerate and facilitate access to and commercialization of competitive emerging technologies, primarily within the life sciences, biological technologies and light industry related sectors, to enhance integrated health and regional innovation.
  • Harness regional innovation and competitiveness through the alignment of complementary technologies and the creation of functional consortia.
  • Foster an entrepreneurial scientific community committed to the creation of start-up and spin-off regional corporations; support regional small medium size enterprises (SMEs) through the direct participation of government, public and academic institutions as well as mature enterprises.
  • Design and ensure the certification of regional infrastructure according to current and emerging standards and applicable regulatory frameworks committed to Total Quality by Design.
  • Promote educational programmes aimed at enhancing public understanding and acceptance of emerging technologies within the Life Sciences and related sectors.