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iBioSign™ - Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™)?

The Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) is a centre of innovation in the life sciences sector, focused on preventative health through the development and implementation of individualized programmes based upon state-of-the-art technologies, where its members - users, women, men and children around the world - enjoy services and exclusive health products, receiving specialized guidance and continuous professional support.

2. Does it only cater to the needs of women?

The Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) is not solely for women; we have the stern conviction and experience that, in the majority of the cases, it is through women that health reaches each and every member of their families. Men, women and every member of their families are welcome.

3. Does the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) function as a clinic?

No, the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) is not a clinic, and it does not replace clinical or hospital medical attention. Member users of our Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) benefit from expert professional guidance on health subjects of interest based upon the most recent and emerging scientific advances in experimental medicine.

4. What are the services and / or products that are provided to its members?

Being a member of our Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) provides you, among other, with a direct connectivity to the heart of our centre, iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™), an application and interactive platform that enables its end users to possess control of their health in an integrated fashion. Through the iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™), MHIC's member users have exclusive access to preventative health innovative applications, some of which encompass: All are tools that will help you to take control of your health, no matter where in the world you reside.

5. How do I become a member of the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™)?

To become a member, simply click here and enrol through PayPal services using the most commonly used and accepted credit cards.

6. What are the benefits of the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) to its members?

Some of the benefits of the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) to its members include:
  • Immediate access to iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™).
  • An individualized health session with Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo, in person or through a live, remote web conference.
  • Monthly health alerts and relevant health publications.
  • The option to acquire individual Health Profile Navigator™ Keys (HPN Keys™), which enable end users to locally store individual health profiles, including those of up to four family members, and to access their profiles any time, anywhere in the world in case of an emergency.
  • A copy of our CD, Believe, Sound-Induced Signature Motifs©.
  • Access to intercultural, health-related events and to their reports.
  • Access to our programme of weight loss and weight balance, My Optimal Weight Plan™, at special rates.

7. What is iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™)?

iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) is a unique and exclusive platform that enables you to possess control of your health and transport it anywhere in the world. It equally provides you with the opportunity to correlate a particular disease condition with which you are living and structure possible answers directly related to your medical history in a comprehensive and reliable manner as well as to access, in accordance with your health status, cutting-edge technologies of interest provided by a group of world-class scientists.

8. Is iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) comparable to perform a Google search?

No, not at all. iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) is a unique platform that confers upon you the exclusivity of delivering targeted answers to specific, individual questions. This is achieved by taking into account your health profile and medical history with the purpose of consolidating viable alternatives to specific problems related to your health status. These alternatives encompass the most recent and promising advances in experimental medicine as well as the way to access them in case it is deemed necessary.

9. How does iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) work?

Once registered, member users are provided with a secure, online, direct access and, if desired, a mobile application in order to access and perform a centralized compilation of their health profiles. During this process, members can also access specific and exclusive services according to their needs. An ample description of all services and benefits can be found in the section that describes iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™).

10. Who has control / access to my Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™)?

Only the member users themselves have access to and absolute control of their Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™). If sought and required, the member users can opt to consent to temporary and selective access to their Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) for the purpose of providing answers and options to address specific health problems.

11. Why is iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) useful if my family doctor, clinics and hospitals already possess my records?

There are several important distinctions, some of which can be summarized as follows:
  • iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) is not a simple compilation of health records and medical history of its member users. The past and up-to-date health information of each individual is securely gathered within an interactive platform that enables member users to deploy a better understanding and viable alternatives in relation to early prevention of diseases and the maintenance and improvement of their health status. This platform also provides dynamic and real time connectivity with wearable devices and emerging technologies.
  • iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) provides immediate and secure access at all times, anywhere in the world, to the past and up-to-date health information of all member users and to that of their family members in one single place, regardless of the various medical practitioners, clinics and hospitals that may attend each and every one of the family members.
  • In contrast to some, the health records and the medical history kept within health institutions, all information centralized within member users' individual Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) records is permanent, without archival expiry dates.
  • Each member user has immediate access, without the need of having to schedule an appointment, to specific questions based upon expert and recent information with the purpose of providing specialized guidance as well as to facilitate the dialogue between member users and their attending health professionals anywhere in the world.
  • Each member user of iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™) receives various benefits and structured services that are unique and exclusive to iBioSign's member users. The services have been designed for health assurance and prevention of current and emerging diseases that may affect Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) member users.

12. Are the services of the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) exclusive to pregnant women, or are they available to all family members including children, adolescents and adult men?

All services delivered by and through the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) are available to all family members, including men, women and their children.

13. How are Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) services provided to those members who do not reside in the city of Ottawa, Canada?

Once connected to the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™), regardless of your location and country of origin, you will be able to access all the benefits of the centre, including, among others, iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™), corresponding health sessions and your My Optimal Weight Plan™ sessions. These sessions can be accessed through social networks of preference and / or within online virtual meeting rooms and by video conference.

iBioSign™'s Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™)

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