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iBioSign™'s Maternal Health Intercultural Centre (MHIC)™

Students and seniors! Take advantage of a special offer to enjoy a monthly subscription to iBioSign™'s Maternal Health Intercultural Centre (MHIC)™.

Discover, embrace and become a member of our international community interested in promoting and securing a functional and robust approach to supporting healthy women, their families and our communities.

In addition to helping us to advance our research and education programmes, MHIC™ members will enjoy several unique benefits, including:

  • Access to iBioSign's Health Profile Navigator™ (HPN™);
  • A personalized health session about your health, with Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo;
  • Monthly health alerts and relevant health related publications;
  • The option to purchase individual HPN Keys™ that enable easy access to and local storage of your individual health profile and that of up to four of your family members', anytime, anywhere in the world, in case of an emergency;
  • Access to our Sound-Induced Signature Motifs© platform;
  • Access to our special events and related summary reports;
  • Access to recommended healthy diets and low impact exercise routines;
  • Access to iBioSign's weight loss and optimal weight balance programme, My Optimal Weight Plan™, at discounted rates;
  • Expert guidance and answers to specific health-related questions about your health.

Thank you for adding your determination to ours in order to make a tangible difference in the lives of women, their families and our communities.

Subscribe now to take advantage of a special monthly rate!

* If someone referred you to the MHIC, please enter the referral code with which you were provided. Otherwise, you can leave this blank.

iBioSign's MHIC