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ICAHRIS™ 15th Anniversary

During a recent working exchange at ICAHRIS Research regarding our ambitious and exciting current project on Global Preventive Health, we realized that we had never before reflected on the number of years that have elapsed since the inception of our International Centre for the Advancement of Health, Regional Innovation and Science.

It is recently, indeed, that we noted September 2019 as the date marking the fifteenth anniversary of our strong commitment to directly contribute to the transformation of promising and fascinating scientific innovations into discrete, functional tools and services aimed at early primary and secondary disease prevention.

In recent years, and as an independent research scientist and inventor, perhaps one of the most rewarding activities within ICAHRIS Research has been the opportunity to enhance the ability of women, men and children to effectively access an array of proprietary products and services developed at our centre.

Inspired by the increasing scientific and clinical evidence underlining the quality of women's uterus environment and epigenetics leading to molecular memory of in uterus experience responsible for harnessing enduring metabolic traits throughout our lives, ICAHRIS Research, in collaboration with iBioSign Health Integrated Systems, launched the Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) nearly two years ago.

Aimed at increasing health and quality of life, effective access to our products and services by members of our Maternal Health Intercultural Centre™ (MHIC™) has been made possible through the participation of highly skilled communicators and visionary digital and information security professionals within our centre.

In celebration of the 15th Anniversary of ICAHRIS Research, we are pleased to share with you few examples of the feedback received from some of our members, above.