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International Centre for the Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science™

ICAHRIS™ was founded in 2004 as a prime outcome of Team Canada Trade Missions.


The International Centre for the Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science (ICAHRIS)™ is committed to...

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Alignment of know-how, scientific acumen, technical and human capacity...

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Products, services, capabilities...

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Carlos Enderle Pena
Mexica Film Awards Recepient 2023

Carlos Enderle Peña

Carlos Enderle Peña was celebrated by the Mexica Film Awards...

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Richard Patten
In Memoriam

Richard Patten

The Privilege of Being Granted a Last Farewell

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My Health Inventory
iBioSign presents

My Health Inventory

A powerful, interactive tool for your new normal.

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International Preventive Health Services
iBioSign's MHIC presents

International Preventive Health

A Journey to Better Health.

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ICAHRIS 15th Anniversary
15th Anniversary


Your future is the Health of your present.

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iBioSign's MHIC presents


A Distinctive Skin Rejuvenation and Rebuilding System...

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Medal Águila Guerrera
Professional Merit Award

Medal "Águila Guerrera"

Dr Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo honoured...

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Arianne: A Remarkable Health Journey
Maternal Health Intercultural Centre

A Remarkable Health Journey

Arianne's story...

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MHIC International Women's Day Video
Maternal Health Intercultural Centre

International Women's Health

A Message to Women from iBioSign™'s MHIC™...

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The Corner of the Experimental Scientist
The Corner of the

Experimental Scientist

A summer camp experience unlike any other...

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iBioSign's MHIC: In Memory of Rosie
In Memory of Rosie

iBioSign™'s MHIC™

A Research Initiative addressing Alzheimer's and Neurodegenerative Diseases...

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iBioSign's My Optimal Weight Plan
My Optimal Weight Plan


iBioSign™'s My Optimal Weight Plan™ helps you to make optimal changes and dietary choices...

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ICAHRIS MHIC Announcement
Maternal Health Intercultural Centre


We are pleased to announce our upcoming Maternal Health Intercultural Centre (MHIC).

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Jornadas Binacionales de Salud 2016
Jornadas Binacionales de Salud 2016

Health Seminar

Discovering the role of the maternal microbiome in childhood obesity and diabetes.

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North America as Obama's 'innovation hub': some ideas on how to get there
Three Amigos' Summit

North American Innovation Hub

Some ideas on how to get there...

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Educational Seminars, Workshops and Conversational Gatherings
Educational Seminars

Come and Join Us!

A series of educational seminars, workshops and conversional gatherings...

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Believe CD Release

Sound-Induced Signature Motifs

ICAHRIS is pleased to announce the release of an exciting musical collaboration...

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Health Profile Navigator
Health Profile Navigator™

HPN and HPN Key

After years of development, iBioSign releases the HPN and HPN Key...

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BioConverGene Accelerator Open House
BioConverGene™ Accelerator

Open House

A three-day open house event at the BioConverGene™ Accelerator...

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